I’m a PhD student at Uppsala University, Sweden. My advisor is Tobias Wrigstad, my co-advisor is Dave Clarke. We’re offering thesis projects.

I’m working on two projects:

  1. In the Structured Aliasing project (my main project), we developed Disjointness Domains (Abstract, Slides, Preprint), a novel type abstraction for alias control.
  2. Also in the Structured Aliasing project, we are currently working on Spencer, a tool that makes it trivial for a wider audience to get insights about the behaviour of programs running on the JVM.
  3. In the UPSCALE project, I work on the compiler and the runtime of the parallel OO+functional language called ‘Encore’ (Abstract, Preprint, Paper).


  1. Spencer: Interactive Heap Analysis for the Masses - Stephan Brandauer, Tobias Wrigstad; International Conference on Mining Software Repositories 2017 (project page with paper, and information)
  2. Mining for Safety using Interactive Trace Analysis - Stephan Brandauer, Tobias Wrigstad; Workshop on Quantitative Analysis of Programming Languages 2017 (project page with paper, and information)
  3. Disjointness Domains for Fine-Grained Aliasing - Stephan Brandauer, Dave Clarke, Tobias Wrigstad; OOPSLA’15 (Abstract, Slides, Preprint)
  4. Parallel Objects for Multicores: A Glimpse at the Parallel Language Encore (Abstract, Preprint, Paper) - Stephan Brandauer, Elias Castegren, Dave Clarke, Francisco Fernández, Einar Broch Johnsen, Ka I Pun, S. Lizeth Tapia Tarifa, Tobias Wrigstad, and Albert Mingkun Yang; SFM’15 (15th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems: Multicore Programming)
  5. Evolving Java Programs Along Two Axes of Parallel Eval (pdf) - Johan Östlund, Stephan Brandauer, Tobias Wrigstad; Languages for the Multi-core Era 2012 (co-located with ECOOP)

Community Effort

  1. ECOOP 2017 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  2. OOPSLA 2016 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  3. Annual Scala Workshop 2014 - local arrangements
  4. ECOOP 2014 - web master
  5. ECOOP 2014 - local organisation of student volunteer programme
  6. ECOOP 2013 - Student Volunteer